STAR96-ربات های زیردریایی

Underwater robots

STAR96-ربات های زیردریایی

This book, now at the third edition, addresses the main control aspects in underwater manipulation tasks. The mathematical model with significant impact on the control strategy is discussed. The problem of controlling a 6-degrees-of-freedoms autonomous underwater vehicle is deeply investigated and a survey of fault detection/tolerant strategies for unmanned underwater vehicles is provided. Inverse kinematics, dynamic and interaction control for underwater vehicle-manipulator systems are then discussed. The code used to generate most of the numerical simulations is made available and briefly discussed.


Modelling of Underwater Robots

Dynamic Control of 6-DOF AUVs

Fault Detection/Tolerance Strategies for AUVs and ROVs

Experiments of Dynamic Control of a 6-DOF AUV

Kinematic Control of UVMSs

Dynamic Control of UVMSs

Interaction Control of UVMSs

Simurv 4.0

Concluding Remarks

Whenever possible, I attend the IEEE ICRA (International Conference on Robotics and Automation) conference where I usually meet Thomas, a Springer Senior Editor, who updates me on the sellings of this monograph. Despite the very niche topic, underwater manipulation, sellings are still interesting so that a Third Edition is worth.

Ten years after the First Edition, I decided to work on this project by reconsidering some of the material. First of all, I have withdrawn one Chapter, the one devoted to multi vehicles coordination, since it was somehow orthogonal to the remaining part of the book. It dealt with underwater and control but was not specific to manipulation. It was also too short to cover in a decent way all the challenges of this control problem.

I have obviously updated most references, mainly adding then deleting existing ones, and clarified some of the modeling parts based on the feedback from the readers. Some details on the way the Jacobians are computed, as well as all the Jacobians used in the kinematic control Chapter, have been streamlined and explicitly reported.

The First Edition of this monograph was based on my Ph.D. work, done during the 1997–1999, and most of the material was of research kind. As a matter of fact, at the time of publication some of the journal papers were still in their reviewing process. After ten years, it is interesting to notice how part of the material lost his innovative halo to acquire an educational one. For this reason, Chapters containing experiments physically performed in the end of last century have been kept. On this trail is also the decision to give the simulation tool and write a small reference Chapter to it together with the dynamic parameters of several models used in the testing of the algorithms. For the online version, color and hyper references have been included too. The reader will not find in this monograph any details on the sensorial or communication systems, moreover, if he is interested in vehicle control alone, i.e., without manipulator, I would suggest one of the Fossen’s books.

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